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Program for Excellence in Strong Motion Studies (PESMOS)

Aims & Objectives

The following will be aims and objectives of the programme

1. To create a knowledge base of excellence and act as a nodal agency in regard to strong motion studies of our country and provide within the IIT systems a front ranking capabilities in this field.

2. To maintain, improve, update, expand and diversify the existing network of strong motion instruments.

3. To retrieve, process, interpret and disseminate the strong motion data and archive the data in a strong motion data bank.

4. To undertake, promote, guide and coordinate research in the field of strong motion instrumentation, recording, processing and utilizing its data for prediction of site specific ground motion and other frontline research in the field of earthquake engineering and engineering seismology.

5. To conduct courses, workshop, seminars, symposia, and training programmes in the field of strong ground motion.

6. To provide and promote effective linkage on a continuing basis between various universities, IITs, Engineering Colleges, research agencies/ laboratories and other institutions working in this field.

7. To collaborate with foreign research institutions and laboratories and other international institutions in the fields which are relevant to the objectives of PESMOS.